Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Welcome to 'Idea Ok Please'!

Namaste! Welcome to 'Idea Ok Please'.

For all those who already know, I shall skip the info and ask you to continue enjoying your D-Day holiday! For all those who just got here, hellooooooooooo there! We are Idea Ok Please-a think tank, that provides creative solutions for the Web, IT and otherwise. 'Idea Ok Please' conceived and conceptualised a few months back , debuts today with a mixed bag of hope, dreams and more than just a few pints of passion for their work, on Facebook , Twitter, Blogger and on ! Wheeeeeeee! Go check us out! We are fun! Promise!

Now coming back to here, ’This Blog is not an attempt to brainwash you, convince you of our opinions, rechristen your thoughts or question your beliefs’, and we mean it! This Blog IS however an attempt to interact with you, to have a hurdle less conversational platform, to be just a click away from you, and :
1. to share with you our insights on the technology that affects us, the all-encompassing Web, and the omnipresent IT, through our Chaturanar section(we always knew the geeks were going to take over, so we kept up!).
2. to bring to you mouth-watering suggestions and taste bud tingling pictures, through Bangda Fry.
3. to poke your grey cells through thought provoking discussions that involve us, our everyday lives’ and issues that plague, amuse, annoy and just can’t seem to stop themselves from cropping up, through Panchayat (because talking costs nothing!).

Idea Ok Please is a palette that houses many colours and has a lot of available space for the ones that will be created hence. We invite you to create a few of those with us. On the eve of Independence day, we invite you to free your thoughts with us, to give them a free rein, to let them find your answers for you. Let us all be as youthful as our hearts allow us to be, to be as vibrant as this country has always been and to be the creators that we are all born as.

Keep checking this space out for more totally zany and fun Idea Ok Please specials!
See you, sooner than later, we hope!

Happy Independence day! Cheers! :D